Parga Holidays at Lichnos Beach Hotel

Lichnos Beach Hotel, This stunning property makes itself known through its new website, designed by Mozaik. With its stunning images that directly transport website visitors into a world of ethereal Ionian beauty, the website is incredibly user friendly, setting visitors up for dreamy summer holidays.

Lichnos beach Hotel contemporary elegance in Parga greece, explore this luxury hotel, Visit Lichnos Beach Hotel and live a unique holiday experience in Parga, Greece. Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites in Parga, Greece recently launched its new website. From the site’s very beginning, users are entranced by picture perfect images of Lichnos Bay, crystal clear waters,citrus tree gardens and olive groves rolling down the hill onto the crescent shaped golden sandy beach. The Home Page also introduces users to the wonders of both Parga as well as other splendid attractions that the surrounding region has to offer. The Full Screen Photo Gallery opens up both a world of exquisite Ionian images and a truly resplendent property thus proving to be an seductive gateway into this beautiful hotel.

The luxury accommodations are enticingly presented, reiterating the essence of peaceful vacations in this wondrous corner of the Greek mainland. The choice of accommodations is also presented in a very user friendly manner through the ‘Rooms at a Glance’ section which makes it really easy for users to understand room differences and make comparisons between the hotel’s rooms, suites and bungalows.
This user friendliness continues with the simple online booking system where website visitors can make online reservations, selecting the time period that they wish to stay at the hotel for as well as the option to pay online.

The site has a feeling of being very up to date with its attractive banners (on the right of the page) which guide users to the site’s supplementary interesting information and current special offers.
The site is developed in 3 languages, Greek, English and Italian and also features an impressive presentation on the plethora of water sports activities that are available for guests during their stay.

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