Windshields With Ice and Fog

For those who live in cold climates, ice can be a big problem in the winter season where the windshield frost forms, causing windshields to crack and break – not the best thing to happen – when temperatures are below zero, however, the group Volkswagen in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Technology, could provide a novel solution to drivers who suffer from this problem.

Research has introduced what they call the first anti fog and anti-ice windshield. As with heated windows, the redesigned windshield has a physical principle that allowed him not form frost on it, even when temperatures are -18 ° C (-0.4 ° ​​F).

Volkswagen has said that the secret of innovation falls on a transparent layer of indium tin oxide, applied to glass and in theory, prevents the temperature begins to rise or retards the surface of glass to cool to the point where it frosting. The system has been dubbed layer “Low-E” (Low Thermal Emissivity).

Researchers are very pleased with the results so far and are confident that consumers will appreciate that a free windshield ice and fog deliver said Thomas Drescher, Developer at Volkswagen. Part of the statements of the representative of Volkswagen hinted at the system does not completely prevent the formation of frost or rather complete condensation on the glass, however, significantly reduces the problem that generates a climate too cold.

So far have raised certain problems on which the researchers have had to keep working, so you can find the technology needed to make the model of mass production. One of the problems or disadvantages far-level developments has been that the protective layer interferes with radio waves to cellular or other communication.

For this reason, it will take some time for free windshield ice and fog are ready to be part of the automotive market, but it is working hard to meet this objective. Drescher finally noted that for the Volkswagen Group to complete this project is part of innovative job that has worked so the company since its inception, why developments in the coming months on this new windshield will.